Inverter Drives


Full range of Leroy Somer Inverter drives tailored to your needs:

Leroy Somer Digidrive SK Inverters

Digidrive SK Inverters are a simple and easy to use open loop vector drive.

Available in single phase input / three phase output or three phase input / three phase output.

• Easy to fit • Din rail mounting or 4x screws • Push in connectors, easy access marked terminals • Defaults set at factory, common parameters listed on drive cover

Units feature:

1. Low noise levels 2. Built in EMC filter (can be disconnected) 3. PID regulation 4. Brake control

From 0.25 to 2.2kW, 1 phase 200V. From 1.1 to 2.2kW, 3 phase 200V. From 0.37 to 4.0kW, 3 phase 400V.



Leroy Somer Powerdrive

Powerdrive units are flux vector drives pre-built into their own cabinets for ease and speed of installation. This feature all-in-one will considerably reduce your installation costs.

The Powerdrive system is modular allowing easy customization of drives. This enables us to offer faster build times and all drives are customised to your individual requirements.

Energy saving, high availability, environmental restrictions or other applications, the modular design of this frequency inverter offers a customised solution to various high power issues.

Range : 45 to 2800 kW.



Leroy Somer Proxidrive

The Proxidrive is our unique IP66 drive which can be mounted in the most hostile of environments. This completely integrated solution eliminates additional cabinets, reduces the number of components, simplifies cabling, solves electromagnetic emissions and increases reliability.

How often have you thought it would be convenient to mount the drive on the machine or on the wall nearby without the need or the expense of a  control cabinet or maybe you have found a competitors IP66 product that looks promising only to discover its priced at 2 or 3 times the price of a standard drive and not economic to make the change.

3PH – 380/480V – 60/60HZ and 3PH – 208/240V – 60/60HZ 0.75kw – 7.5kw 380/480V 0.37kw – 4.0kw 208/240V



Leroy Somer SP Drive

A new generation of high performance drive that provides a complete solution for complex applications such as manipulating, positioning, synchronising, cutting, printing and winding.

The only truly universal drive which can adapt to any system as standard or by means of add-on modules.

Range : 0.37 to 1900 kW.



Leroy Somer Varmeca

A fully functional inverter built into an oversize terminal box and fitted directly to the motor. This allows easy retro fitting of an inverter where there is limited speed for a panel.

VARMECA, is the result of long experience in variable speed, and benefits from a compact dimension and reduced weight, It is currently available up to 11 kW.

VARMECA produces no noise pollution thanks to the choice of an inaudible switching frequency.

Three phase enclosed variable speed motors in accordance with the IEC Low Voltage Directive.

Range: 0.25 to 11 kW in shaft heights 71 to 160.




IMAG also offer the full range of WEG Inverter drives:

WEG Frequency Inverter CFW-08

High technology for motors driving. WEG VSDs offer several features like easy installation and operation, compact size and have a number of special functions. Available in power ratings from 0,25 to 15 kW.



WEG Frequency Inverter CFW-09

High technology for motors driving. WEG VSDs offer several features like easy installation and operation, compact size and have a number of special functions. Available in power ratings from 1.1 to 1,100 kW.



WEG Frequency Inverter CFW-10

High technology for motors driving. WEG VSDs offer several features like easy installation and operation and compact size. Available in power ratings from 0,25 to 4 kW.



WEG Frequency Inverter CFW-11

A new generation of VSDs with high-tech features built in. The CFW-11 is fitted with Plug and Play technology and can automatically recognize, set accessories and optionals. Available in power ratings from 1,1 to 370 kW.



WEG Frequency Inverter CFW700

With main focus to fulfill requirements for general purpose applications the CFW700 series covers power levels ranging from 1.1 to 110kW (1.5 to 175 HP).



WEG Medium Voltage MVW-01

Designed to drive and vary speed of medium voltage motors, the MVW-01 consists of a multi-level structure of medium voltage IGBT (6.5 kV) reducing the harmonic content of motor current to extremely low values.



WEG Frequency Inverter CFW501 HVAC

The CFW501 HVAC is a variable-speed drive intended for use with asynchronous motors when heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration applications are to be met.



WEG Frequency Inverter CFW701 HVAC

When it comes to energy savings, the CFW701 is the right shot for HVAC applications.



IMAG also offer a full range of WEG Soft Start Units:

WEG Soft Start Units

  • Soft-Starter SSW-05
  • Soft-Starter SSW-06
  • Soft-Starter SSW-07
  • Soft-Starter SSW-08
  • SSW7000-Medium Voltage Soft-Starter